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Board of Management

MT has a diverse and dynamic management team with expertise in business, product development, engineering and scientific research.


Zheng-Rong Lu, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of MT. The technology held by MT was developed in Dr. Lu’s lab at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Lu has extensive experience as an investigator and has a strong background in chemistry, molecular imaging, and drug delivery systems. He has designed and developed biodegradable macromolecular MRI contrast agents, targeted MRI contrast agents, drug delivery systems, and retinal therapeutics through productive collaboration with other scientists in related fields. Dr. Lu received his M.Sc. in organic chemistry from Lanzhou University and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Wuhan University in China. 


Hui Zhu, M.D., Sc.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Hui Zhu, M.D., Sc.D., Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of MT, a uro-oncologist at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Zhu is a practicing physician at the Cleveland Clinic and has seen the first-hand challenges of accurately identifying aggressive prostate cancer. His extensive experience in clinical practice and expertise in urological oncology make well suited as the Chief Medical Officer for MT’ prostate cancer targeting probes. Dr. Zhu received his Sc.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his M.D. from Duke University.


Yajuan Li, Ph.D


Acting President and Principal Investigator of MT. Dr. Li’s expertise in pharmaceutics, drug delivery systems, and clinical pharmacy has been an asset to our firm as we work to commercialize our MRI contrast agent technology. Her past experience is indicative of her knowledge in drug delivery and development, as well as her competence to lead and oversee the technical aims of the funded SBIR Phase I grant. Dr. Li received her M.Sc. in pharmaceutics from Fudan University in China and her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science from the University of Rhode Island. 


Michael Tweedle, Ph.D

Member of Scientific Advisory Board 

Professor of Radiology; Stefanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging at the Ohio State University. Dr. Tweedle has invented, developed, and translated under GMP GLP one of the first successful commercial Gd-based MRI agents (Gd(HP-DO3A), ProHanceTM), and targeted radioactive agents, and researched fibrin binding Gd chelates. Dr. Tweedle was the former ECO of Bracco Diagnostics USA. Dr. Tweedle’s experience and expertise in commercialization of MRI contrast agent is critical for the successful commercialization of the MT’s targeted MRI contrast agent. 

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