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Research and Development at MT

Female patient undergoing MRI - Magnetic

      Since its formation, MT has devoted all of its resources to clinical development and commercialization of innovative imaging agents for the accurate early detection and characterization of aggressive tumors. Instead of targeting the biomarkers on cancer cells, we are focusing on targeting the biomarkers in the tumor microenvironment for the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for early cancer diagnosis and treatment. Because aggressive solid tumors exhibit similar tumor microenvironment features, MT’s diagnostics and therapeutics have the capacity for specific imaging and treatment of a spectrum of cancers and broad clinical applications. Currently, MT’s research and development are focused on novel imaging agents, including a targeted MRI contrast agent and a PET probe, specific to an oncoprotein in the tumor microenvironment. These imaging agents can be used for early detection and risk-stratification of many types of aggressive human cancers, including breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer to name a few. They can also be used for non-invasive assessment of the efficacy of cancer therapies. Our goals are to develop and commercialize disruptive diagnostics and therapeutics for precision cancer management in clinical practice.

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