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Early accurate cancer detection and diagnosis is critical for precision treatment and management of a life-threatening disease. Currently, X-ray computed tomography (CT), PET, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), SPECT and ultrasound, have been used for the diagnosis and management of such diseases. Cancer-specific imaging probes are essential for the early accurate detection and diagnosis of aggressive tumors. There is an urgent clinical need for tumor-specific imaging probes.  MT envisions that image agents specific to a common oncoprotein in the tumor microenvironment of different types of human cancers will address this unmet clinical need. These agents can act as universal imaging agents for the clinical management of many cancers with the same common oncoprotein and have a much larger market size than those imaging agents that target the biomarkers on a specific type of cancer. Therefore, larger market size will attract investors for the development and commercialization of MT’s products. Broader clinical applications of MT’s imaging agents will have a greater impact in the healthcare of cancer patients. 

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